We recently helped a California client erect these massive Wind Sculptures by Lyman Whitaker. On the left is a Twister Oval Huge in copper, 18’H x 5’5W”. On the right is Double Spinner Extra Huge, 19’H x 7’4”W in copper. Lake Berryessa is in the distance. Some view!

These works are much simpler to install than they look. All you do is dig a hole 42”D x 24”W, fill it with concrete, set the ground mount, let the concrete set up for a few hours, then erect the sculpture. After we finish that part we always break open a bottle of wine. Plenty of that in Napa Valley.


The smaller sculptures are even easier to install, with holes that average roughly 12”D x 4”W. That’s a mere gallon of concrete. Very easy to do. The whole process only takes about 30 minutes—and you can still celebrate with a great bottle of wine when you’re done.


We have many clients in the Napa and Sonoma areas and many more in California overall. In fact we did a huge Whitaker Wind Sculpture Exhibit with the Domaine Chandon winery in Napa Valley several years ago. Wonderful project. They took care of us, we took care of them, and met scores of new clients in the process. The champagne was pretty good too.

We always enjoy installing these works, knowing that each client will have theirs for life, and will in fact pass it down to a loved one. If they have more than one sculpture, then they’ll pass them all down. Lyman Whitaker is of course a great sculptor. His works are hand-crafted for balance, durability, and high winds. Each sculpture lasts for decades. Very little maintenance involved. 


If you want to learn more, please view all the different Wind Sculptures at this link: 



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Since 1991. Inspire your world, become a Leopold insider. Sign up for our newsletter today!

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