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We specialize in designing and installing customized art programs. Our mission is to elevate environments and inspire those who experience them. Whether we’re placing a small painting with a private collector or shipping a massive sculpture to Marvel Studios, our experience enables us to have a stunning impact every time. We love working with beginning collectors as much as we enjoy consulting on massive projects. Those include Disney World, H&R Block, Apple TV, Arrowhead Stadium, the Dallas Arboretum, and scores of others. 


We carry and create world-class art. Creating commissioned works for homes and offices is one of our specialties. We’ve overseen roughly 1000 commissioned pieces since 1991, and all our clients were ecstatic with the result.

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When treating corporate offices, whether an entire skyscraper and or just one floor, we always strive to energize the space and inspire the employees. 


The goal with Art in Healthcare is always to  soothe patients, soothe visitors, and inspire staffwithout resorting to sentimental work. We're told we excel in that.

Stadiums + Event Centers

With stadium settings it's critical to install art that cannot be ignored, is tamper-proof, and electrifyingwhich we do each time.

Public Art + Monuments

Installing public art and monuments requires a sense of history, a sense of the space, and a sense of scale. A sense of drama can be good too.

Film Studios + TV Networks

Whether we're working with Marvel Studios, Apple TV or Warner Brothers, we always provide dynamic art that achieves its purpose on each setdramatic or subtle or mind-blowing. We haven't won any Academy Awards yet but one never knows what the future holds.

Public Facilities + Institutions

Always install works that are unpredictable, make sure select peices are relevant to the institution at hand, and employ humor where it applies.

Whitaker Collections

We love creating Wind Forests for botanical gardens and arboretums, and their visitors love it after we finishin fact millions of them have.

Private Collections

Each private collector is unique. Some prefer landscapes, others abstraction, still others conceptual work, blown glass or stainless steel. No worries. Whatever their passion, we always find what they're seeking.

Art Collections Across the Country



A physical space in which great art aligns with an organization’s core values can positively impact employees’ mood, morale, and productivity. Integrating aesthetically pleasing elements into a space helps employees derive comfort and joy from their surroundings. 

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Since 1991. Inspire your world, become a Leopold insider.


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Since 1991. Inspire your world, become a Leopold insider. Sign up for our newsletter today!

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