Public Facilities and Institutions


Always install works that are unpredictable, make sure select peices are relevant to the institution at hand, and employ humor where it applies.

Church of the Resurrection

We worked closely with Minister Adam Hamilton in creating several outdoor installations that celebrate different periods in the life of Christ, many of them in ceramic tile. This project is know as the Prayer Walk. In addition to this we created a 14' work in blown glass and stainless steel for the Memorial garden. Artists include Tyler Kimball, William Rose, and Lyman Whitaker.

Kansas State College Of Business Administration

High-tech, state-of-the-art structure four stories high with an enormous atrium rising up through the centerit was a beautiful challenge to select and commission works for this world-class building. Some pieces celebrate the Flint Hills, others the campus, others the world of business. Note the Deconstructed Abacus: glass by Tyler Kimball, design by Leopold Gallery.

Kansas State School of Leadership Studies

Prairie-style structure that called for an abundance of prairie-influenced art. Phil Epp, Ed Pennebaker, Linda Ganstrom, Richard Raney, Louis Copt, Matt Kirby... This project was a lot of fun, but then they all are. The trick is to not neglect all the important details while you're having fun.

Olathe Community Center

When you create a collection for a community center that houses a gym, pool, and various meeting rooms, you want it to be dynamic and energizing. You also want some pieces to be subtle and difficult to grasp, since not everything should be literal. Artists include Tyler Kimball, MJ Rigby, Jesse Small, Erin Holliday, and Rashawn Griffin.

Indian Creek Library

We decided this state-of-the-art library called for only two massive installations. The first was the set of 60 hanging panels by MJ Rigby. We hung each by a single cable so they would twist and turn with the air currents, never staying static. Note how they suggest book spines. The second was the huge sunflower paintings by Rico Alvarez and Isaac Tapiaa nod to Van Gogh.

Overland Park Convention Center

This project started for us in 1999 and concluded in 2002. We formed an art committee with city executives, local curators, and went about finding the best artists in our region. The resulting works tells this story. Among our favorites are the works by Lisa Grossman, Louis Copt, and Arlie and Dave Regier.

Olathe Downtown Library


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Since 1991. Inspire your world, become a Leopold insider. Sign up for our newsletter today!

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