The collaboration between Leopold Gallery and the Hunt family, owners of the Kansas City Chiefs, resulted in an art collection for Arrowhead Stadium that showcases the power of art in public spaces. This project was about more than selecting and installing art; it was about creating an experience that transforms the stadium from a simple sports venue into a space that celebrates creativity, history, and the natural beauty of the surrounding area.

Among the standout pieces in the collection are Louis Copt's Prairiefire painting and Jun Kaneko's large ceramic head. Copt's work captures the beauty and power of the Great Plains, with its vivid colors and swirling patterns. The painting's boldness creates an atmosphere that is both inspiring and humbling. In contrast, Kaneko's ceramic head is a massive, almost otherworldly sculpture that demands attention with its sheer scale and bold colors. The head's design is simple yet intricate, a striking balance between the two.

Phil Epp's triptych storm cloud landscape is a hauntingly beautiful piece that captures the drama and majesty of nature. The three panels depict a storm cloud formation as it builds, peaks, and dissipates, and the effect is mesmerizing. Epp's use of color and texture adds to the drama, making the piece feel almost alive. The artwork's eerie atmosphere creates an immersive experience that makes visitors feel like they are in the middle of a storm.

Jacob Burmood's abstract piece, Third and Long, is another standout work in the collection. It evokes a sense of movement and energy, much like the game of football itself. The artwork's abstract nature allows visitors to interpret the piece in their way, making it a personal experience for each viewer.

The entire collection tells a story, engages the senses, and creates a sense of place. You can view more of it right here. The artworks selected were carefully chosen to fit with the stadium's aesthetic and to enhance the experience of visitors and fans alike. The success of the Chiefs' art collection at Arrowhead Stadium is a testament to the vision and expertise of the team at Leopold Gallery. It's a reminder that art has the power to enrich our lives in unexpected ways, even in the most unexpected of places.

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