Situated in Kansas City, Missouri, Leopold Gallery is on a mission to spotlight the artistic talent rooted in the Midwest. Our goal is straightforward: to enhance regional culture by providing a platform for local artists to showcase their work. 

In a region often overshadowed in the art scene, we recognize the untapped potential within our own communities. At Leopold Gallery, we focus on bringing attention to the diverse perspectives and talents found right here in the Midwest. Our curated collection reflects the spirit, history, and identity of the region, ensuring that every piece on display tells a story that resonates with our audience.

Beyond being a gallery space, we actively engage with local artists, offering them a supportive platform to grow and showcase their work. Whether they're emerging talents or established names, our commitment is to contribute to the continuous growth of the regional art scene. Through partnerships, events, and educational initiatives, we aim to foster an environment where creativity thrives.

Leopold Gallery's commitment to regional artists is practical and rooted in the belief that art can enrich cultural experiences. By championing Midwest artists and facilitating a sense of community around their work, we contribute to the broader artistic discourse while ensuring the unique expressions of the Midwest find their place in the cultural narrative. Join us on this journey of highlighting and celebrating Midwest artistry, as we work to enhance regional culture one brushstroke at a time.


Featured artists from top to bottom: Gary Bowling, Jerry Moon, Jennifer Bricker-Pugh, Phil Epp


Cover image: William Lobdell


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Since 1991. Inspire your world, become a Leopold insider.


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Since 1991. Inspire your world, become a Leopold insider. Sign up for our newsletter today!

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